Saturday, 22 January 2011

Top Drawer

Well what a week it has been, my feet haven't touched the ground-  I'm on cloud nine ! I just didn't know what to expect from my first trade show and I must admit I was terrified but it was just brilliant, here's a brief account of my show....

During November I happened to find a very unloved piece of 60's / 70's furniture, it cost me the massive sum of £10...I knew instantly it would be a great way of presenting my range. After abit of attention ( thanks to my daughters ) it turned into my Top Drawer secret weapon, it was the focus of lots of conversations.
minnie and lullah cleaning
We packed the car up after work on Friday and started the journey south, the children were left at my lovely sister's house in Thatchem and we carried on to London. With the help of Graeme ( patient husband ) and Simon S ( as mentioned before ) we put the stand together. Doesn't it look good !
 It felt strange leaving my pots on Saturday evening but I was whisked away to Simon and Vicky's place for a slap up meal and a large glass of wine....huge thanks to these two friends.

Graeme and I set of to earls court on Sunday morning, I was very nervous, this soon disappeared as I took my first order before 10.00am !!! I couldn't believe it there I was writing orders and telling people about my journey, the day got better and better. By 1.00pm Graeme left me to pick up the children and I was flying solo. A few very good friends came to offer moral support and good wishes so that was even better. By the time Hayley arrived I was feeling on top of the world.
Monday and Tuesday were very good but quite different and we continued to write orders and take information from interested parties. Hayley was great and as she's 5 months pregnant  did ever so well to keep us focused and professional.
We also got quite a bit of press interest so hopefully you'll be seeing our product in some nice magazines .

Well what can I say we've spoken to lots of lovely people and as from feb/march our product will be available in beautiful shops from Scotland to Cornwall and lots in out world here we come, I'll get our stockist list updated as the product gets shipped out.

I should just mention taking the show down was quite funny, Simon and I carried the sideboard out of the hall, put it into a lift we got out of the lift too soon we had to carry it down a didn't seem funny at the time but I'm sure if Simon reads this he'll be smiling !

One final thing....when I got on my computer on Wednesday morning I discovered we are featured on good is that !!!