Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Take Two launch

SEPT 2013

Sarah Heaton launches new interpretation of iconic 60s Midwinter pattern

Leading contemporary ceramic designer Sarah Heaton has joined forces with Eve Midwinter to launch a brand new take on the best selling mid-century pattern ‘Roselle’.

‘Take Two’ takes a fresh, new look at this blue and green classic which sold in its thousands and was a must-have style statement in the homes of every bright young thing of the swinging 60’s.

In close collaboration with Midwinter, Heaton brings ‘Roselle’ bang up to date and will launch ‘Take Two’ on a range of her own contemporary shapes. Said a very excited Sarah; “This is such a tremendous opportunity for me as I’ve admired Eve’s work for many years, and when I was approached to bring her pattern to a new market, it was a dream come true.”

Heaton’s tableware shapes are clean and contemporary; fitting in perfectly with the revival for mid-century appeal. In addition, she has worked closely with Eve Midwinter to re-interpret the Roselle pattern without losing its playful 60’s integrity.

Sarah told us; “My brief for ’Take Two’ was basically to take Eve’s original pattern and develop it for a new, younger market. Recognising the growing interest in mid-century ceramics, I wanted to create a product which was contemporary, beautiful, slightly retro in feel and of course dishwasher and microwave safe for the modern home.”

This is Heaton and Midwinter’s first collaboration, and the launch of ‘Take Two’ at Maison et Objet Paris is testament to their on-going commitment to Britain’s ceramic renaissance.

For more information please contact Sarah via the Sarah Heaton website  http://www.sarahheaton.co.uk


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