Tuesday, 13 September 2011


All of us at Little walton Bank have had quite a weekend at Wirksworth Festival ...Graeme Reed ( patient husband ) showed his work and had a great time with lots of fab feedback. Little Pottery Co our hand thrown pottery showed for the first time and had a great reception and finally a little display of Little Walton Bank got lots of lovely interest.
We showed in our good friend Tom's house which was great for us, and the children proved to be superstars selling trail guides, home made lemonade and elderflower champagne...Tom giving them commission on every drink sold turned them into demon ( but charming ) sales people. The weather stayed good, we had one down pour and had to relocate the children to the car boot...all great fun.
Thankyou to everyone that visited our venue and passed on lots of fab feedback, here are some photo's to prove we had a ball !! And finally a big thankyou to Tom and his family who made us feel very welcome......