Saturday, 18 June 2011

A New Arrival and New Shops.

Okay lets get the car issue out of the way first, disaster struck my car was still in the garage and I had a trade show to do. At great expense we hired a car, due to my 60's cabinet I had to find a car to fit a specific's too long for a little van and I'd already booked the parking in London so anything with height was also ruled out. Graeme spent hours on the phone sorting this one !

On the way to Earls Court we had to drop of a delivery to COSI HOMEWARE in Muswell Hill, they are doing really well with Little Walton Bank and needed-stocking . It was great to see our pots in such a fab shop, just the boost we needed before setting up the show.

 We set up the show on Saturday and prepared for day one, as I was on my own this time I was quite nervous. Just as the show opened on Sunday morning I got a text from Hayley's husband to say Hayley had just  delivered baby Harry Baden , mother and baby doing fine, what a great start to the show.

 Sunday was very good we will now be supplying lots of new lovely shops, so the distribution of our first collection is now spread nicely across the country...even Northern Ireland.

On Monday and Tuesday I had lots of visitors from my very good friends and again met lots of new buyers, interested people and importantly shops who'd ordered at Top Drawer came with great feedback and repeat orders. One of the high lights was Mary Portas, the whole show went a little bit crazy as we tried to grab her attention.

On Tuesday afternoon, my good friend Dean came to join me on the stand and helped take the show here's a BIG HUGE MASSIVE THANKYOU, you're a superstar for helping out and also coming to the rescue with a car issue...that still hasn't gone away !!

All in all Pulse was a good show, I met some great new customers and lovely fellow stand holders. Time to look forward, design a new collection and some additional  pieces to build up the birdware customers seem to be crying out for jugs !!!