Sunday, 21 October 2012

Big changes !

I think I've neglected to keep my blog up to date, very naughty but things have been changing around here and I've had quite a few other priorities....sorry.

I decided to change my business name so the business is now called Sarah Heaton, yes I thought it was time to stop hiding behind my studio address and get myself out there and visible. I've spent alot of time on the whole re-branding excersise - logo, website , copy etc.Here's the new logo.

My mate Dean Brindley has generated some great copy so you can read all about me and my background on the website.

New branding complete and it took a while , I decided to tackle some new work to add to the collection and show the new direction of the company. Of course it's all rooted in my love of mid century design. Here's the CAD renders/3D designs of the large jug.
Here  is the final piece , I think you'll agree that the modeller did a great job.
Alongside new shapes I've introduced some accent plates and mugs in toadstool and blooms. The factory is producing these pieces now so I'm hoping to satisfy all the orders I took for them at Maison and GNCCF.
Here's the new look at Maison et Objet in Paris in September. Everything worked a treat and I will soon have my products in stores as far a field as Japan !

And finally - I've just finished my last show of this Autumn in Manchester. The Great Northern Contemporary Craft Show in Spiningfields. What a brilliant event and selling direct was quite an eye opener , a great confidence booster and I even sold a jug to Coronation Street's Owen the builder !!! Big tick from the children as they love Corrie on a friday night.

Here's a snap of my stand at GNCCF as you can see I took the trusty sideboard that's been all over the place with me and to be honest we've been through such alot that no matter how much people offer for it ( and they do ! ) it isn't for sale. Oh and I guess I've got to mention the very important point, I WON AN AWARD !!!! the icing on the cake !

I think I'm now up to date with the blog, watch this space as I've got some exciting things and challenges on the horizon.

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